DNA and Biotechnology

Molly Fitzgerald-Hayes and Frieda Reichsman,
 "DNA and Biotechnology" 
Academic Press | 2009 | ISBN: 0120489309 | 400 pages | PDF | 67,4 MB

DNA and Biotechnology introduces reader to the fascinating world of biotechnology and genetics, helping them to understand its impact in daily lives.

Did you know that...?

Dogs played a key role in developing gene therapy treatments for human blindness 
Green algae is a future source of renewable bio fuel 
Scientists found a gene that controls fidelity in mammals 
Law students armed with DNA evidence freed over 100 people for U.S. prisons, many from death row (The Innocence Project) 
In 2009, the first clinical trial using human stems cells to treat spinal cord injuries in humans was cleared by the FDA

Microbes: Applications and Effects

Trivedi, Pravin Chandra, "Microbes: Applications and Effects" 
University of Rajasthan | 2009 | ISBN: 8179102718, 1441665366 | 
270 pages | PDF | 12,9 MB

Thermal Biophysics of Membranes (Tutorials in Biophysics)

Thermal Biophysics of Membranes (Tutorials in Biophysics)
Wiley-VCH | 2009-03-16 | ISBN: 3527404716 | 378 pages | PDF | 8 MB

An overview of recent experimental and theoretical developments in the field of the physics of membranes, including new insights from the past decade.

The author uses classical thermal physics and physical chemistry to explain our current understanding of the membrane. He looks at domain and 'raft' formation, and discusses it in the context of thermal fluctuations that express themselves in heat capacity and elastic constants. Further topics are lipid-protein interactions, protein binding, and the effect of sterols and anesthetics. Many seemingly unrelated properties of membranes are shown to be intimately intertwined, leading for instance to a coupling between membrane state, domain formation and vesicular shape. This also applies to non-equilibrium phenomena like the propagation of density pulses during nerve activity.

From Ocean to Aquarium: The global trade in marine ornamental species

 Colette Wabnitz, Michelle Taylor, Edmund Green, Tries Razak, "From Ocean to Aquarium: The global trade in marine ornamental species"
UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre | 2003 | 
ISBN: N/A | 65 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB
Most of us at some time or another have enjoyed the relaxing experience of gazing into an aquarium, in a dentist’s waiting room or during a special visit to a public aquarium. In admiring the playfulness of clownfish wriggling amongst the anemones’ tentacles, the grace of angelfish swimming in open water and in our delight at spotting reclusive shrimp and crabs crawling behind iridescent living corals, it is all too easy to overlook the fact that all these wonderful creatures are far from their natural home. The great majority of animals in aquaria across Europe and North America were collected from coral reefs far away and flown, bagged in plastic and packed in styrofoam boxes, thousands of miles to our hospitals and living rooms. 

Laboratory Manual and Workbook in Microbiology: Applications to Patient Care

Laboratory Manual and Workbook in 
Microbiology: Applications to Patient Care
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science | ISBN: 0072463546 | edition 2002 |
PDF | 285 pages | 10,3 mb
This microbiology laboratory manual is designed especially for the non-majors, health science microbiology courses. The organization reflects the body systems approach and contains specific sections on clinical diagnosis. 36 exercises and 43 experiments cover a broad range of topics. 

Anatomy Demystified

Anatomy Demystified
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional | 2004-06-15 | ISBN 0071438270 |
Pages: 350 | PDF | 11 MB

This clear, heavily-illustrated guide to the human body covers anatomy of cells and tissues, muscle tissue, major muscles of the body, nervous tissue, membranes, organs, cancer, the skin, the human skeleton, the nervous system, glands, the senses, the cardiovascular system, the immune system, the respiratory system, digestion, genitourinary system, the embryo, and more.

Algae: Anatomy, Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Laura Barsanti, Paolo Gualtieri
Algae: Anatomy, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
CRC Press | 2005 | ISBN: 0849314674 | 320 pages | PDF | 10 Mb

An exhaustive review on all things algae would require a multi-volume encyclopedic work. Even then, such a tome would prove to be of limited value, as in addition to being quite complex, it would soon be outdated, as the field of phycology is full of continual revelations and new discoveries.

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